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Brady Leman

Ski cross

A former alpine racer who switched to ski cross in 2008, Leman made a storybook return to competition in 2011-12 when he fought back from a series of serious injuries to win the season-opening World Cup race in Italy. The native of Calgary, Alta., who broke his leg three times before completing his comeback, suffered heartbreak at the 2010 Olympics when he was added to the Canadian team to replace an injured teammate, only to re-injure himself and be forced to withdraw from the Games. Leman, who has ten career World Cup podiums, narrowly missed the podium at the 2014 Olympics, where he was the top-ranking Canadian male. In the 2015-16 season, Leman had five podium finishes and consistent results, which led him to be ranked third overall in men’s ski cross.

Top Results

1st – FIS World Cup – Blue Mountain, Ont. (2012)
1st – FIS World Cup – Innichen/San Candido, ITA (2011)
2nd - FIS World Cup - Montafon, AUT (2016)
2nd - FIS World Cup - Innichen/San Candido, ITA (2016)
4th - Olympic Winter Games - Sochi, RUS (2014)

World Cup ranking

Overall: 3rd


Birth date: 16/10/1986
Birth place: Calgary, Alta.
Residence: Calgary, Alta.
Hometown: Calgary, Alta.
Ski club: Calgary Alpine Racing Club
Made team: 2008
Sponsor: Lake Louise Ski Area


Height: 6-0
Weight: 200 pounds
Goggles: Oakley
Poles: Leki
Helmet: Dainese



Nickname: Wombat.

What is your first memory of skiing? Going up the T-bar at Wintergreen Ski Resort with my dad.

What has been your best moment in ski racing? When I won the World Cup in Blue Mountain and got to hug my parents over the finish area fence.

What has been your worst moment in ski racing? Breaking my leg the day before the race at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

What is your Olympic dream? Win Olympic gold.

What is the best thing about having the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia? It will be great to be able to experience a whole new country.

If you could bring any three people in the world - living or from the past - to one of your races, who would they be and why? My parents, who have always supported me and are the reason I am ski racing today. I would also bring Nik Zoricic.

What’s a talent or skill you have that fans might be surprised to learn about? I used to play the piano.

If you had just one day left to live, how would you spend it? I’d spend it on the hill with family and friends, since that is my favourite place to be.

If you could own a business or be trained in any career other than ski racing, what would you choose? I’d like to build my brand up, maybe into a clothing company or something, so I could support my ski racing with some business on the side.

When I’m not skiing, you can probably find me: golfing, at the lake, mountain biking or sleeping.  

What’s the best thing about your hometown? Having the mountains so close.

Describe your favourite thing to eat or drink during race season: Candy! I have a huge sweet tooth. 

If you could design your own World Cup spot anywhere in the world, where would it be? Lake Louise, Alta. I grew up skiing there, they are my sponsor, and the hill is perfect for a ski cross race.

Where is your favourite place to race or train? Lake Louise, Alta. I know that mountain better than anywhere else in the world.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? I’d like to be able to slow things down, it would make winning hole shots a lot easier

If you could build your dream home anywhere in the world, where would it be? Just outside of Calgary, Alta., on a big piece of land. I’ve always wanted a ranch, and I love the landscape that surrounds Calgary.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen a teammate do while on the road? When I was on the Alberta ski team I saw a teammate eat a huge ball of wasabi.

Who is someone you admire in sport? I’ve always admired Thomas Grandi. He was such a hard worker and stuck with his dream.


All Results


3rd - La Plagne, FRA (March 2014)
3rd – Innichen/San Candido, ITA (Dec. 2013)
3rd - Nakiska, Alta. (Dec. 2013)
2nd – Val Thorens, FRA (Dec. 2012)
2nd – Telluride, USA (Dec. 2012)
1st – Blue Mountain, Ont. (Feb. 2012)
2nd – St. Johann, AUT (Jan. 2012)
1st – Innichen/San Candido, ITA (Dec. 2011)

Finishes in the top 10
6th - Arosa, SUI (March 2014)
4th – Val Thorens, FRA (Jan. 2014)
4th – Innichen/San Candido, ITA (Dec. 2013)
5th - Grasgehren, GER (Feb. 2013)
5th - Innichen/San Candido, ITA (Dec. 2012) 
6th – Nakiska, Alta. (Dec. 2012)
4th – Branas, SWE (March 2012)
8th – Bischofswiesen/Goetschen, GER (Feb. 2012)
9th – Alpe d’Huez, FRA (Jan. 2012)
9th – Lake Placid, USA (Jan. 2010)
5th – Blue Mountain, Ont. (Jan. 2010)
6th – Alpe d’Huez, FRA (Jan. 2010)


2014 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi, RUS
4th - Rosa Khutor Extreme Park  


FIS World Ski Championships
15th - Voss-Myrkdalen, NOR (March 2013)
14th – Inawashiro, JPN (March 2009)

Winter X Games
7th – Aspen, USA (2012)
3rd – Aspen, USA (2010)