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Development - Para-Alpine


A long-term skier development plan 

Who: Canada’s para-alpine ski racing community

What: Alpine Canada aims to ensure that any child entering the alpine ski racing system is provided with the necessary building blocks to reach the highest level of achievement in their sport. The Long Term Skier Development plan (LTSD) is a nine-stage training, competition and physical literacy pathway guiding an individual’s experience in sport and physical activity from childhood through all phases of adulthood, from simple to more complex skills. 

The nine phases of development: 
1.    Awareness
2.    First Contact
3.    Gliding Start
4.    Skier Essentials
5.    Learn to Train
6.    Learn to Race
7.    Train to Race
8.    Train to Win
9.    Skiing For Life

Alpine Canada and the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS) joined forces in 2012 and together with provincial sport organizations (both able-bodied and adaptive) and the Canadian Paralympic Committee, identified the need to define a clear pathway for para-alpine skier development from the grassroots level all the way to the high-performance stage.

An early version of the pathway was created, and a steering committee of stakeholder representatvies was formed. The committee will guide the pathway of the Long-Term Skier Development Plan over the next few years.

Learn more: 

Download the adaptive/para-alpine long-term skier development plan

Download the printer-friendly version

Visit the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing website 

The adaptive/para-alpine long-term skier development plan is part of the Aim 2 Win development plan. The AIM 2 WIN guide was developed by Alpine Canada as a long-term skier development plan for coaches, managers, administrators, parents, teachers and volunteers. The plan breaks down development stages and provides training strategies and progressions for future elite athletes. AIM 2 WIN should be used by all clubs across the country as a pathway to success for young skiers.

Although the primary objective of AIM 2 WIN is to produce greater numbers of Canadian World Cup and Olympic medallists in ski racing, it also provides a platform for clubs and coaches to encourage and support participants at every level to fulfil their potential and maintain a lifelong involvement in alpine skiing.In 1999, Alpine Canada produced an Alpine Integration Model known as AIM. AIM became a well-known term in the ski racing community, which is why this latest long-term skier development plan is called AIM 2 WIN. The program is a progression from the original AIM document because it provides greater detail in each development phase.

For more information on implementing AIM 2 WIN, visit the Canadian Ski Coaches’ Federation website.

Other resources for development: 

Buy the AIM 2 WIN booklet
Download the AIM 2 WIN booklet
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Alpine Canada’s goal is to partner with our divisions in offering a progression of development opportunities and programs for young athletes at every stage of their development. For potential or developing para-alpine athletes, Alpine Canada offers the camp program Carving the Future. This program was developed to support and complement the current network of clubs, regional teams and other para-alpine ski racing programs in Canada.

Carving the Future

- To bring skiers who want to learn more about ski racing together on snow.
- To teach athletes what is required to be a ski racer and what it takes to become the next Paralympic champion.
- To provide an opportunity for coaches to learn more about ski racing and the unique elements of coaching para athletes.

- Improve your free-skiing
- Learn to and/or improve your skiing in gates
- Work with a national-team coach
- Learn how to take care of your ski equipment
- Participate in a race

- Assist in coaching and supporting athletes
- Help carry equipment
- Provide feedback to athletes
- Learn how a para-alpine athlete trains
- Opportunity to lead on-snow sessions

What’s required:

- Provide own ski equipment. *Helmets are mandatory*
- To be able to comfortably ski a blue run without assistance or supervision. If this is something you are uncomfortable with, you are welcome to bring an assistant to help you.
- To cover the cost for your own transportation to the hill as well as your lift tickets, food and accommodation required for the camp.
- Signed liability waiver (can be completed ahead of time with registration or day of event)

To register for any event or for more information, please contact:

Brianne Law
Athletic Director, CPAST

Building our Best

Presented by the BC Adaptive Snowsports (BCAS)

TheBC Adaptive Snowsports (BCAS) has been successful in implementing a ‘learn-to-race’ program called Building Our Best (BOB). Carving the Future was initially inspired by and continues to be motivated by BOB and the recruitment and awareness the program has created. BOB camps and recreational races provide an opportunity to develop and teach adaptive and cognitively impaired athletes to take their skiing to the next level through the introduction of ski racing. This program continues to help build the future for para-alpine skiing in Canada. For more info on these camps, contact Fannie Smith, High Performance Manager,

Aimed at the U16 and U18 age categories and the Learn to Race and Train to Race stages of the alpine ski racing LTAD, the goal of the Rising Star Training Camps is to bring athletes from all parts of Canada, and sometimes from other nations, together to create a high-level training environment and offer benchmarking opportunities.

Snow Stars Skill Development Program

Snow Stars is a skill-development tool for young skiers operated by Alpine Canada since 2004.

This seven-step program will guide the child, coach and parent through a progression that is aligned with the Long Term Athlete Development Plan (AIM 2 WIN).

Optimal motor-skill development takes place primarily between aged five to 12. For this reason, the program is aimed generally at young skiers from Entry level to the end of U14. Snow Stars provides clubs and coaches guidance through the early "Windows of Trainability" when it is critical to carry out the "Right Athletic Development at the Right Time."

The goal of Snow Stars is to provide a solid foundation and knowledge base – physical, technical, tactical and mental – upon which to build children’s athletic abilities.

Snow Stars encourages the development of skiers and ski racers of all ability levels. It also encourages children to discover a pathway to the joy of skiing, competition and excellence in a fun and rewarding environment.

Coach development

Who: 15 years old and over

Ski coaching is a great way to start a life-long career or just share your passion for skiing.

To coach with any Alpine Canada club, you must be certified through the Canadian Ski Coaches’ Federation (CSCF). 

Alpine Canada works with the Canadian Ski Coaches’ Federation to develop and deliver coaching certifications and professional development programs. Visit the Canadian Ski Coaches’ Federation website. 

* All alpine coaching certification programs are part of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and meet or exceed all NCCP standards.

Coach certification programs reflect Alpine Canada’s long-term skier development plan (AIM 2 WIN).

Coach certification program: 

AIM 2 WIN stage:

Entry Level

Skier Essentials

Entry Level-Para

Skier Essentials

Development Level

Learn to Train/Learn to Race

Development Level-Para

Learn to Train/Learn to Race

Performance Level

Train to Race

High Performance - Level 4 Program Director

Train to Win

High Performance - Level 4 Elite Coach

Train to Win

Ski Cross - Current certification requires an Entry Level certification plus the Ski Cross Coaching and Safety Module.

Skier Essentials

Get involved – become a coach
Check out the event listings on the Canadian Ski Coaches’ Federation website to find certification courses near you. 

Already a coach?

Alpine Canada and the Canadian Ski Coaches’ Federation now require active coaches to complete annual professional development updating in order to maintain an annual Alpine Canada-CSCF Coach License.  Visit the Canadian Ski Coaches’ Federation professional development section for more information.

Coaching resources

Check out the alpine coaching resource center on the Canadian Ski Coaches’ Federation web site for documentation, coaching DVDs and more.

For more information:
Canadian Ski Coaches’ Federation
220 - 4900 Jean Talon, West 
Montreal, Que.
H4P 1W9 
Phone: 1.800.811.6428 ext. 249 - Course Coordinator 
Visit the Canadian Ski Coaches’ Federation website